2023...The year of movement

I am really excited to announce that I am now offering the option to add a highlight reel of your session!

We go all out for making the time, outfit choices, sometimes even preparing our homes or travel to a special location for these family photoshoots. It makes sense that, while you're taking the time to slow down and enjoy your family and your space, and while you're ALL infant of the camera for a change instead of a bunch of photos on your phone of everyone except you, that you also get that special moment in time captured on video.

Photos are wonderful and so very important (something we only appreciate as time passes) but lately I have been wanting MORE out of these memories. What could I do to give you a bigger emotional time capsule to cherish? putting those memories into motion.

This is a lifestyle session add on option that you choose at the time of booking and can be added onto your package for just an extra $250.

What extra things does this mean I need to do? Nothing, we have our regular photo session!

How much more time does this add to our session? None! I have been perfecting the ease of flicking between video and photo during a session and I am very comfortable with the transition. Most of the time you won't even know I am doing it. I will however give you a heads up sometimes depending on the action we are doing.

But what about all the kids yelling and running about? I don't want that in a video: The video comes with an overlay of music that suits our session theme/mood. There aren't usually any vocals involved (unless there's a gorgeous laugh or summer sounds I might add in here and there for you)

Where do you shoot? I see you have both Auckland and Melbourne options? Short answer is: I travel I am currently based in Auckland, New Zealand but I have clients in Melbourne and will also soon be expanding to Perth! I travel at least once a year to my international locations. These dates are very flexible so reach out and we can set a a date to suit!