This year there was a lot of growth in my business. I now have a studio (woop woop!) and I also have a full studio lighting set up as well as my gorgeous new backdrop systems. I have gone a bit crazy with purchases but looking back on these images it was 100% worth it! I'm aiming for quality over quantity in my studio.

Earthy and organic feels are where I am at these days and for that reason I decided to keep the holiday set up less 'Christmassy' so my clients would be able to enjoy their images all year round. Some even opted to not have any decorations which I happily accommodated. I also included custom Facebook banners, because there are so many families missing their loved ones overseas and mail take 5 million years these days. Digital is where it's at for those holiday wishes!

Every single child that came through my door was a delight. From serious faces, to getting pine cones thrown at me. I loved the sass and smiles.

It was also so SO awesome to see some of my original cake smash babies back in! Some from as long back as 3 years ago when they came to my house and had their cake smash in my tiny little garage that was full of crap and only the roller door up for our source of lighting. Seeing these little ones really made me realise how far I have come in my journey as a photographer. And I allowed myself, for a minute or two, to feel super ridiculously proud of my achievements, something I rarely do because I'm always focused on the 'next'.

A massive THANK YOU to my clients and their kiddies for coming in and spending time with me! I think I'll be keeping up with these minis. Next year is going to be AMAZING, I'm already planning the goodies and it's going to be a LOT of fun for ALL the family!

Stay weird and festive!

Marisa xx